Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meeting Mary Hartline

Mary Hartline.  Google that name real quick.  Okay are you back on this page after looking her up?  Excellent.  As you can tell Mary Hartline was a TV star in the 1950s.  She was the host (or more of a Vanna White) of a show called Super Circus and even had her own show The Mary Hartline Show.  She's had dolls and figurines made of her.  Amazingly, I am from the same little town as Miss Mary.

About two weeks ago she came into the gym I work and asked me a few questions.  I've read about the local celebrity before but wasn't able to recognize her when she was talking to me.  Luckily some members of the gym told me who she was!  I was shocked that at 84 years young she's still out and about driving herself in a vintage maroon convertible.

A couple days later she came in again and I told her that this time I knew who she was and that it was a pleasure meeting her.  About three days later she came in not even wanting to work out but to give me an autographed picture of her.  She had seen a picture of me in the local paper and was happy to see I'm a juggler.

The happiest little boy in the world AKA Pete the Juggler